Industrial safety and security is important as it safeguards human life, especially in high-risk areas factory, where a fatal mistake can be catastrophic. Industrial Safety reduces risks to people and processes‎. Process control and safety systems are usually merged. Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is not only an important human resources issue, it’s the law. Metro Home appliance follow-up all rules of Security and safety and we are train New Employee for Safety.

The following goals have  been  established  for  Metro Home appliance Manufacturing:

  • Provide workers with a safe work environment.

  • Conduct routine/regular workplace inspections.

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment.

  • Develop and implement safe work procedures and rules.

  • Provide on-going safety training

  • Enforce safety rules and appropriate discipline.

  • Provide on-going property conservation practices.

All new employees must attend our Safety Orientation Session prior to starting work within their assigned area. This session will be conducted under the direction of the Safety Director and in coordination with Human Resources.