Green Environment Pakistan

Metro Home Appliances work public awareness for the green environment. Our commitment is to place the tree will clean up the environment of Pakistan. If you are help for work of green environment It is expected that the minimum loss of human lives. We strongly believe in working with the corporate, non-profit, and public and private sectors, as our cause is universal. We are research, implement and advocate sustainable solutions to outstanding Pakistan environmental and public health issues. We firmly believe that any meaningful development must be done in accordance with the careful understanding of its impact on the environment and health of all living beings, as we are all connected.

To improve the living standards of our people in our beloved country through green revolution. Metro Home Appliances aims to conserve nature and ecological processes by:

  • Preserving genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity

  • Ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, both now and in the longer term

  • Promoting action to reduce pollution and the wasteful exploitation and consumption of resources and energy